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Primer into the Paranormal

Linda Storsteen, M.A., M.S.
Edited by Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.
August 1, 2012
Copyright©2010 Linda and Karen Storsteen

A is for the Akashic Records:

This “mystic” concept that there is a realm which contains every memory, thought, and deed of every living thing throughout the history of the universe is an idea which is finally finding a home in the lap of quantum physics. Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious or the universal unconscious; some have called it the mind of God.

Science just may call it the zero-point field.  It is the underlining cosmic reality of the universe, an energy field of information, which is the source of all that is.  In scientific terms, it is a field which connects and creates coherence.  Many believe that precognition occurs when a psychic accesses this field which contains all knowledge of the past, present and future.

B is for brain:

Current research in Consciousness points to the probability that the mind is separate from the brain.  So that particular age-old question may be finally tottering on the edge of acceptance. Tangentially, quantum evidence is mounting in favor of a universe which is somehow connected.  Connected in a transcendent way, one which precludes time and space.  This connection includes brains.  The implications for Psi are tremendous.  Author Ervin Laszlo explains it in his book Quantum Shift in the Global Brain: “in altered states of brain and mind, the brain waves of different individuals, even if separated by finite distances, become synchronized and the rhythms exhibited by one are picked up by the others.  The universe, including human beings, is fundamentally, and, as it appears, ‘nonlocally’ coherent (p.152).”  What does this mean?  It means that a brain, in an altered state, is capable of instantaneously connecting to another mind even if that person is many miles away.  Science is proving that previously “unexplainable” paranormal occurrences, from twin pain to telepathy, are possible.

C is for Clairvoyance:

This is the ability to “see” events occurring at a distance.  It is also known today as remote viewing.  Parapsychological research has had some positive results in this field.  The classic experiment involves putting one test subject in a Faraday Cage, which blocks out a broad range of frequencies, and the other subject some distance away and also shielded from most electromagnetic frequencies.  Then an attempt is made to “send” pictures or information from one subject to another.  Since the remote viewing experiments were successful despite the fact that most frequencies were blocked by the Faraday Cage, researchers concluded that the messages and images sent and received must be delivered by extremely low frequencies.

D is for dreams:

Laboratory research and extensive surveys have shown that half of all spontaneous Psi events occur in dreams.  Also, through the use of meta-analysis, the review of many studies over many years, the hit rate of dreams picking up information from a distance was 59.1% (Dean Radin, Entangled Minds, p.110), 9.1% over mere coincidence.  The odds of this occurring by chance are 22 billion to 1 (ibid).

The “truth is that to very high levels of confidence we know that information at a distance was successfully perceived in dreams under well-controlled conditions (Radin, ibid, p. 115).”

E is for Energy Healing:

Most disease starts at the cellular level, within the molecules. That’s also where quantum mechanics interacts: “laws of quantum physics…control a molecule’s life-generating movements (Pophristic and Goodman, 2001) (Lipton, Bruce, The Biology of Belief, p. 80).” It’s all about electromagnetic energy.  “Energy signals are 100 times more efficient and infinitely faster than physical chemical signaling (Lipton, ibid, p.81).”  So why do we as a society rely almost exclusively on drugs for cures?  Drugs suppress symptoms but seldom deal with the cause.  Energy healing, on the other hand, deals with the cause.  While modern medicine will use quantum principals on equipment such as a laser to break up kidney stones, they seldom apply energy healing to other medical venues.  The small gains seen in acceptance of alternative medicine are due to consumer pressure.  The bottom line: drugs usually are not specific enough, take longer to work, and have serious side-effects. Believe it or not, death from medical treatment is the 3rd leading cause of death in America (some say as high as #1) (Lipton ibid, p.77).  Perhaps energy healing should be taken a little more seriously.

F is for Field-consciousness Experiments:

Psychologist Roger Nelson from Princeton University developed a way to test whether or not minds with mutual intent form an interconnected web with each other resulting in a collective mind and whether or not that collective mind is capable of influencing matter.  Nelson used Random Number Generators (RNG), passive devises programmed to run purely random numbers in various locations around the world. The theory was that if these devises were placed near group mediation or some other focused intention, and if mind can influence matter (Psychokinesis), then the group should be able to affect the RNG’s output, bringing order out of chaos or entropy.  According to Dean Radin in Entangled Minds, by 2005 more than 100 field-consciousness experiments had taken place and the results of the experiments “strongly suggest that coherent group activity is associated with unusual moments of order in RNG outputs (p.183).”  Apparently this also holds true on a global level.  When great emotional events happen that grabs the world’s attention, such as Princess Diana’s funeral or the terrorist attacks on 9/11, RNG’s around the world responded with increased order. These experiments are also very suggestive to the question of the power of prayer.

G is for ghost:

There are many explanations and theories that try to explain the phenomena of ghosts.  The following are some of the more popular theories: they may be manifestations of energy trapped in our reality from someplace else; or they may be the life force or soul of a departed person. Perhaps what we see is a projection that the spirit wants us to see or perhaps what we see emanates from our own minds. Some think that the phenomena are memories which have been imprinted on the mystical ether, especially traumatic memories such as a violent death or overwhelming experiences.  Others propose that ghosts are shadow images or holograms of the real thing, projected from wherever souls go to after death: this follows a quantum theory of a holographic universe.  Another thought is that souls are trapped between two worlds, the here and the hereafter, which might possibly be another dimension or a parallel universe. They are trapped because they either died too quickly or have unfinished business.  All theories seem to agree that ghosts are some sort of energy, but the how and why of it remains unclear.

H is for Hypnosis:

At the end of the 18th century, an Austrian doctor named Franz Anton Mesmer was studying the newly discovered magnetism and advanced a theory which he called animal magnetism, a biological force that he equated with the physical force.  He is credited with the first steps into what would become hypnosis, hence the early terms mesmerism or to mesmerize.  His student, the Marquis de Puysegur, stumbled upon a method which produced psi phenomena, something he called magnetic somnambulism.  This is a form of sleepwalking which now is known as deep hypnosis. The Marquis discovered that some people in this state exhibit paranormal abilities such as telepathy and precognition.  Mesmer and his followers were scorned by the scientific community, but the interest of the populous was such that by the mid-nineteenth century the French Royal Society of Medicine had reexamined the findings and found them to be worthy.

I is for Intuition:

This is a big word for hunch.  As Dean Radin says in Entangled Minds,  “…it’s knowing without knowing how you know… (p. 142)”.  Often these “feelings,” these intuitions, are described as originating in the stomach area.  You have “gut feelings’” or a “sinking feeling.”  Perhaps you have “butterflies in your stomach.”  If some of these hunches do involve psi phenomena (for instance connecting to another person over distance), and if emotional information might just possibly originate in the belly as descriptive phrases imply, then a logical course of action would be to see if emotions can be received from someone at a distance and can be recorded on objective equipment.  This is precisely what Dean Radin did when he measured the electrophysiology of the gut using an electrogastrogram (EGG).  Would the EGG be able to detect emotions received from a distance?  The experiment is best explained by Dr. Radin: “In this study, the sender-Jack-sat in front of two video monitors and wore a set of headphones.  At random times, one video monitor displayed the receiver’s-Jill’s- live video image for two minutes while the other showed a sequence of emotional or neutral pictures as emotionally appropriate music played over the headphones.  When Jill’s image disappeared, both monitors faded to black and the music stopped.  Between each emotional condition there was a 30-second rest period….Jack was instructed to periodically gaze at Jill’s image while trying to mentally ‘send’ the emotions evoked by the slide show and music (Entangled Minds, p.143-44).”  The findings from this experiment are intriguing.  They showed that Jill’s EGG readings were “significantly” higher when Jack was experiencing positive or negative emotions as opposed to neutral ones.  The odds were 167 to 1 that these responses would have occurred by chance.  These experiments seem to support the theory that some emotions may actually originate in the “gut.”

J is for Jung:

Psychologist Carl Jung is famous for his theory of Universal Unconsciousness.  Early in the game, he explored on the human scale, the macro scale, what physicists have explored at the quantum level.  It is possible that Jung and physicists alike have unveiled a universal truth: what Jung found to be a Universal Unconsciousness, physics describes as the Zero-Point Field (ZPF).  A deep level of reality that may be imbued with consciousness.  Some people hypothesize that the phenomena of reincarnation, rather than being a past-life recall, is actually a result of tapping into this Universal Unconsciousness.  If one does access the Universal Unconsciousness, whether a person taps into a life with ties to himself is even less conclusive.

K is for karma:

This is a tenet of reincarnation. Dr. Goswami in his book Physics of the Soul defines Karma as “past-life propensities, learnings, and good and bad conditioning that are carried from one incarnation to the next (p.260).”  In his book, he demonstrates how current quantum theory supports this otherwise religious belief.  This work is a must read for anyone interested in the survival of the soul, or as Dr. Goswami calls it, the quantum monad.

L is for Lourdes:

There have been studies if see if an intent to heal can actually cause healing to occur.  Dean Radin, Ryan Taft, and Garret Yount experimented to determine if mind can affect matter (using random number generators or RNGs) and if mind can affect a living organism (Radin, Entangled Minds, p. 186).  For the living organism, they used a culture of brain cells called Astrocytes.  They used the brain cells so that they could avoid any kind of placebo effect.  The question asked was: can intent to heal result in an increased rate of growth in the Astrocytes? The experimenters also looked at healing intention done over and over again at one location.  Could repeated healing intent change the physical site itself; could it become a place of healing?  Could this possibly be an explanation for such sites as Lourdes which has stories of spontaneous healing?  The results of the experiments were very intriguing.  The “healed” brain cells grew more rapidly than the untouched control cells.  The odds against chance were 1,100 to 1 (Radin, p. 189). The experiments with the three RNGs all “deviated from chance” (ibid) at the same time on the third day of “healing”.  Even more interesting, so did the treated cell cultures.  The odds of this happening were 1.3 million to 1.  The conclusion made by the experimenters was that “this experiment suggested that certain forms of focused attention appear to causally influence both living and non-living systems (Radin, p. 190).”

M is for Medium:

Arising out of quantum mathematics, entanglement refers to the fact that quanta that have once been correlated or connected in some manner, maintain their relationship throughout time and distance.  Dr. Radin in Entangled Minds describes it thusly: “…entanglement is a property of both matter (as in atoms) and energy (as in photons).  This means that the bioelectromagnetic fields around our bodies are entangled with electromagnetic fields in the local environment and with photons arriving from distant stars.  The brain’s electromagnetic fields are entangled with the rest of the universe not because of direct contact, in the sense of billiard balls colliding, but because its fields interpenetrate with the energetic fields of everything else (Radin, Entangled Minds, p. 268).” Communication is instantaneous, despite separation by light-years.  Originally thought to apply only to the world of very small particles, it is now recognized that the universe in its entirety, the whole of physical reality, perhaps from the moment of the big bang, is a single quantum system.  The implications are staggering.  As Dean Radin, in his book Entangled Minds, states: “…psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality. Psi is reframed from a bizarre anomaly that doesn’t fit into the normal world-and hence is labeled paranormal-into a natural phenomenon of physics.”  Entanglement seems to offer an explanation for something like telepathy, but a medium “talks” to dead people and where are they, how does the medium become entangled with them?  The afterlife is generally considered transcendent, outside of space and time, and communication with the transcended is achieved by Nonlocality, another quantum concept.  As Dr. Amit Goswami explains in Physics of the Soul, nonlocality is “a connection among potentialities outside space-time that can affect events in space-time.  Where is it?  It is both everywhere (because every point in space and time can be connected via Nonlocality) and nowhere (because we cannot localize it) (p. 205).” So, a Medium, someone who seems to be in contact with the dead, now has some scientific evidence, or rationale, for how this communication is possible.

N is for near-death experience:

Near-death experiences or NDE’s first came to the attention of the public with the research done by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in the 1960’s.  The phenomenon of consciousness continuing while clinically dead has been well documented since that time.  Patients not only experience a life-altering vision of the “here-after,” they often can recall events, conversations, and actions that occurred around them while they had no brain activity.  NDE’s seem to demonstrate that some form of consciousness survives death.  Ervin Laszlo in his book Quantum Shift in the Global Brain expresses the aftermath of a NDE most beautifully: “People who have had a near death experience return to everyday life with a deeply altered consciousness.  They no longer fear dying.  They achieve inner peace, have empathy for others and reverence for nature, and have a fresh appreciation of the wonder of existence (p. 60).”

O is for Out-of-body experience:

Often equated with a NDE, an OBE is also a consciousness separate from the body experience.  It does not, however, occur as a result of temporary death.  OBE’s may be either a spontaneous event while in a relaxed state, or be deliberately brought on by those few individuals who seem able to cause the phenomena naturally.  Generally, OBE’s are not a religious event.  Although OBE’s may have a physical component, in that they originate in the brain, the results of these experiences hint at a much more profound event. During an OBE event, the experiencer seems to leave their body and “travel” to another place, whether that is a different room, street, city, or even dimension.  While “there” the experiencer  sees and hears what is happening and later can recount the details.  There is no “normal” explanation for this knowledge since the “traveler” was not there physically.  Some speculate that an OBE event is a higher, more advanced, form of remote viewing which has been studied successfully in a laboratory setting.

P is for precognition:

At its most simple definition, Precognition is the ability to see the future. From Nostrodamus to Edgar Cayce, the idea of seeing into the future is an intoxicating one.  Dean Radin devotes a whole chapter in his book Entangled Minds to what he calls Presentiment.  He recounts in great detail the many fascinating experiments taking place in this field. The results stretch the mind to its upper limits of belief.  From Rollin McCraty’s evidence that the human heart plays a significant part in perceiving the future, to psychologist Dick Bierman’s MRI experiments which demonstrate that the brain can predict future events, this new research is providing evidence that, at least unconsciously, we can detect our future.  As Dr. Radin explains “When you step back from the details of these studies, what you find is a spectacular body of converging evidence indicating that our understanding of time is seriously incomplete.  These studies mean that some aspect of our minds can perceive the future.  Not infer the future, or anticipate the future, or figure out the future.  But actually perceive it (Radin, p. 179).”

Q is for Quantum Coherence:

The universe is Coherent, that is, it has a harmonizing order, a logic to its parts.  At its most basic level, the universe is all-encompassing, connected, and transcendent of space and time.  Many theorize that this is why so-called paranormal activity such as telepathy can occur, because we are all connected even when apart.  To give credence to this hypothesis, nonlocal coherence has been discovered in the way human brains can interact.  In the course of laboratory experiments of psi phenomenon, brain-wave patterns between two subjects have been shown to synchronize even without contact and separated from each other.  Their EEG readings stand as a testament to quantum coherence within the human brain.

R is for reincarnation:

Amit Goswami in his book Physics of the Soul defines reincarnation as “the idea that there is survival after death and rebirth; that there is a continuity of some essence of us that transmigrates from one birth to the next.”  Most Westerners think that reincarnation is an Eastern religious concept not pertinent to the Western religious tradition.  This is not true.  The reality is that reincarnation was a tenet of Judaism very familiar to Jesus and accepted by the early Christian church.  To this day, the precept of reincarnation still exists in the esoteric traditions of Western religion: the Sufis (Islam), the Hasidic (Judaism) and the Gnostics of Christianity.   If you believe that your purpose in life is to learn certain lessons and progress to greater goodness, then does it seem right, logical, or fair that these crucial, soul-defining opportunities are restricted to one life-time, one blink of a millisecond of time and then your fate is sealed for all of eternity?

S is for Spirit Guides:

Mediums often “use,” or are able to communicate with, Spirit Guides to help them find answers to questions or in other ways aid them. Another name for spirit guides is guardian angels.  Most religious traditions speak of angels, either as guardians to individuals or as intervening agents.  Obviously, these guides or angels are more a matter of faith rather than scientific proof, but on occasion these disincarnate “beings” reveal themselves in dramatic ways and by doing so, give some evidence of their reality.  Dr. Goswami in his book Physics of the Soul gives two examples of seemingly concrete episodes of interaction.  One example is Padre Pio, a Catholic priest, who had the help of his guardian angel in translating what was to him an unknown language, Greek.  The second example involves the famous Houdini and perhaps his most extraordinary trick, that of jumping into iced over water while handcuffed.  This dangerous trick usually took Houdini three minutes to perform (he found trapped water just under the ice while he removed the handcuffs), but on this particular day the currents were too strong, Houdini drifted and lost the hole.  After five minutes, the on-lookers assumed that the great Houdini had died.  He re-emerged, however, after eight minutes under the treacherous ice and freezing water without any signs of hypothermia or other ill effects.  Houdini claimed that he heard his mother’s voice guiding him back to the hole and that he was surrounded in warmth.  Dr. Goswami, however, speculates that even if Houdini’s mother was able to telepathically communicate with her son, how could she possibly lead him to the hole in the ice?  And what about the warmth?  It seems more likely that a guardian angel projected his mother’s comforting voice while enveloping Houdini in warmth as he made his way back to safety.  A medium, because of their ability to communicate with disincarnate souls may be able to “talk” to their spirit guides, but many people have “felt” their guardian angels’ presence and known their comfort.

T is for Telepathy:

Often described as mind reading, telepathy is a mind to mind interaction.  As with all psi phenomena, this ability has traveled a long, slow road to acceptance and understanding.  As early as 1913 Nobel laureate Henri Bergson tried to integrate the idea of telepathy with brain function and had this to say on the brain acting as a filter against psi so that consciousness does not become overwhelming:  “If telepathy is a real fact, it is very possible that it is operating at every moment and everywhere, but with too little intensity to be noticed, or else it is operating in the presence of obstacles which neutralize the effect at the same moment that it manifests itself.  We produce electricity at every moment, the atmosphere is continually electrified, we move among magnetic currents, yet millions of human beings lived for thousands of years without having suspected the existence of electricity.  It may be the same with telepathy (Dean Radin, Entangled Minds, p. 267).”   Mathematician Alan Turing, who helped break German codes in WWII, is quoted by Dean Radin in Entangled Minds: “I assume that the reader is familiar with the idea of extrasensory perception, and the meaning of the four items of it, viz., telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and Psychokinesis.  These disturbing phenomena seem to deny all our usual scientific ideas.  How we should like to discredit them!  Unfortunately the statistical evidence, at least for telepathy, is overwhelming.  It is very difficult to rearrange one’s ideas so as to fit these new facts in….Many scientific theories seem to remain workable in practice, in spite of clashing with ESP; that in fact one can get along very nicely if one forgets about it.  This is rather cold comfort, and one fears that thinking is just the kind of phenomena where ESP may be especially relevant (p.73).”  This statement could work equally well when one discusses quantum processes; “one” can live very well on Newtonian physics, but that’s not the only answer.  The truth lies deeper.  It is the deeper truth of the quantum world which reveals the mechanics of psi phenomena.​

U is for UFO:

Television shows and movies, whether drama or documentaries, almost exclusively portray Unidentified Flying Objects as craft controlled by an extraterrestrial intelligence.  In other words, little green (or is it grey!) men from “Mars.”  This assumption is a little aggravating and shortsighted and even less likely than other theories which attempt to explain the phenomena.  For instance, UFO’s could be coming from our far distant future, perhaps to re-infuse our DNA into their deteriorating gene pool or to try to change our history.  Or perhaps these “crafts” come from another universe, a parallel universe or a different dimension.  This would account for the “blinking” phenomena and the seemingly impossible movements that are reported.  The new term for this increasingly popular theory is Ultra-terrestrial Intelligence.  Other theories conclude that consciousness cause UFO’s.  Dr. Jacques Vallee, one of the premiere researchers on this topic for decades, theorizes that UFO’s are manifestations of a consciousness that lies beyond the limits of time and space.  He believes that this and other psi phenomena can only be understood in the context of their “psychic and symbolic reality (quote from Marie D. Jones in PSIence, p. 212).”  UFO author and researcher Nick Redfern thinks that UFO’s and bizarre creatures that are “unknown” or “not described by science” might be manifestations of our own subconscious minds.  Like the archetypes hypothesized by Jung, there might be a deeper reality or spiritual need for humans to create these emotional symbols.  Today’s aliens may have been yesterday’s trolls and faeries.  Different times and cultures may change their shape, but these archetypes still play the same role in our subconscious.  The jury is not yet in on the identity of UFO’s; after all that is why they are called Unidentified flying objects.

V is for Vibration:

As of now physicists speculate that String/Superstring Theory represents the most fundamental level of particles.  Strings are thought to be the most basic form of a particle, not made of anything other than itself.  Strings have an infinite number of vibrating patterns or Resonances.  They are what makes a negative or positive charge and what differentiates mass.  Ultimately, they separate our reality into objects.  At the most common denominator, the difference between you and a chair is essentially your vibration.  Marie D. Jones, in her book PSIence, explains how string theory may relate to psi phenomena: “Vibrations are dynamic, interacting with one another and their environment, creating different tones and chords and harmonies….The most exciting thing about this invisible vibratory field, no matter what form it might take, is the potentiality it contains-potential as a source of all other sources, potential as a pure energy upon which all matter is created and thrown out into the explicate order  [reality], and potential as a doorway to other dimensions or levels of reality, where things such as ghosts, UFO’s, and psychic abilities are the norm (p.188}.”

W is for the World Wisdom Council:

The World Wisdom Council is but one aspect of the Club of Budapest which was founded in the 1990’s as a “companion” artist and writers group to the think tank Club of Rome.  The Club of Budapest arose out of the transformation of Eastern Europe after the Iron Curtain collapsed.  Hungary, which made the most thoughtful and peaceful transition to a democratic nation, was a logical choice to spearhead what is hoped to become a cultural, social, and spiritual advance for the human race.  Honorary members include such creative minds as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Jane Goodall, Mikhail Gorbachev, Zubin Mehta, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and Desmond Tutu. The World Wisdom Council “brings together leading thinkers and visionaries to discuss the problems facing the world community and produce a realistic vision of a civilization that is peaceful and sustainable, in balance with itself and with nature (Ervin Laszlo, Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, p.140).”  The ultimate goal of the Club and the Council is to raise human consciousness to the next level in our evolution.

X is for Xenoglossy:

This is the spontaneous ability of children, and sometime adults, to speak in a language not known to them.  This ability is sometimes used as a “proof” of reincarnation, perhaps not so much as memory recall, but as “memories of a propensity or learned contexts of thinking (Amit Goswami, Physics of the soul, p.82).” Xenoglossy also occurs with channelers.  The science behind the phenomena of channeling is quantum nonlocal correlation (Nonlocality: “an instantaneous influence or communication without any exchange of signals through space-time; an unbroken wholeness or nonseparability that transcends space-time [Goswami, p.262]”).  Channelers seem to let a disincarnate personality take over their body for the purpose of educating people.  While in this state, a channeler often has knowledge of language not learned in their own life.

Y is for Yoga Sutra:

In reading Amit Goswami’s book above on the evolution of human consciousness to a higher level of existence, he makes a compelling argument for the necessity to undertake a voyage of self-discovery in order to separate your ego from your identity.  He suggests that there are five esoteric paths that can lead you to this freedom.  One of these paths is to focus “on the creative discovery of the nature of awareness (p. 177).”  This is done through Raja Yoga espoused by a first century wise man name Patanjali in his work The Yoga Sutra. In this work he tells how you go about achieving Samadhi (enlightenment) which in today’s parlance would be called quantum self experience.  It takes both concentration and meditation to reach samadhi.  You concentrate on an object in your awareness, not knowledge, as when you repeat a mantra. In deeper meditation, you concentrate on your own consciousness, separating yourself from your thoughts, viewing them as from afar.  Dr. Goswami goes on to say, “A crucial step, however, is the encounter of the ego and the quantum self which happens only when you enter the preconscious, only when there is an (almost) effortless flow between your awareness of the subject and that of the objects.  From this state, quantum leaping is possible because the probabilities of the possibilities you choose from are no longer close to hundred-percent prejudiced in favor of the past response.  When you leap to a new response, you have identified with the quantum self, which is samadhi (p.178).”

Z is for Zener Cards:

In the 1930’s, American parapsychologist, J.B.Rhine undertook the challenge to test for Extrasensory Perception in a laboratory setting.  As a matter of fact, Rhine made the term ESP popular with the general public.  Rhine’s research partner was Dr. Karl E. Zener.  Together Rhine and Zener tested subjects for ESP by showing cards to the sender and then seeing if the receiver was able to correctly identify the card seen by the sender.  The cards were not ordinary playing cards, but special cards developed by Dr. Zener for these tests.  These now famous cards showed either a plus sign, a circle, a square, a star, or wavy lines.  Although the test was flawed, it was the first of its kind and led to more sophisticated research protocols.