This is an undivided “realm” where everything is entangled.  The Explicate Order is our everyday universe which emerges from the Implicate Order.

C is for the Copenhagen Interpretation:

This “interpretation” was put forth by Danish physicist Niels Bohr when he was experimenting with quantum systems.  In the quantum state, particles are also waves which can be in two or more places at once; they are in Superposition and exist in a state of possibilities.  But when the observer tries to measure or record the state, it collapses the wave into a particle which is now in one place at one time. The possibility becomes the actuality; it becomes reality.  Bohr concluded that the conscious observer caused the collapse.  In other words, consciousness causes reality.

D is for Double-split Experiment:

Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole but trust that this experiment has been validated for two hundred years.  This is a very simple experiment with very complex, not to say, unbelievable results.  Slowly shoot photons (particles of light) at a screen with one slit in it. They land on the other side as you would expect-as a particle.  But slowly shoot photons at a screen with two slits and each particle “turns into” a wave, going equally through both splits.  Photons are particles and waves at the same time.  Now let the photons pass through the screen and do not make the decision to close one slit until the photon is on the other side but not yet recorded.  The photon will anticipate what you will do and will behave as a particle if one slit is open, and behave as a wave if two slits are open.  The photon is entangled with itself and in time. There is more: “we” never see the wave because if we observe the event, it collapses the wave into a particle (quantum measurement problem).  So what is the role of the observer in this experiment?  It seems that the observer’s intent to open or close the second slit determines how the photon behaves.  In other words, once again, the observer creates reality.

E is for Entanglement Theory:

Arising out of quantum mathematics, this oft proved theory refers to the fact that quanta that have once been correlated or connected in some manner, maintain their relationship throughout time and distance.  Communication is instantaneous, despite separation by light-years.  Physicists call this entanglement.  Originally thought to apply only to the world of very small particles, it is now recognized that the universe in its entirety, the whole of physical reality, perhaps from the moment of the big bang, is a single quantum system.  The implications are staggering.  As Dean Radin, in his book Entangled Minds, states: “…psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality. Psi is reframed from a bizarre anomaly that doesn’t fit into the normal world-and hence is labeled paranormal-into a natural phenomenon of physics.”

F is for Fractal Geometry:

Not quite quantum, but definitely a representative of “quirky” modern science, Fractal geometry is the brain child of French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot.  Fractal geometry achieves what Euclidian geometry can not: it provides a mathematical equation for nature, in all its chaotic and irregular patterns.  You only need one equation (where was this when I was taking sophomore geometry!) but the catch is that you have to repeat it all but ad infinitum.  For example: 4x4=16+4=20, then 20x20=400+20=420, 420x ,etc. It takes millions of calculations until you can actually identify nature’s patterns.  Obviously, computers have made all the difference in this field.  As you can see from the equation above, the math and thus nature itself is a “self-repeating, ‘self-similar’ pattern nested within one another (Lipton, Biology of belief, p.166).  Dr. Lipton, as a biologist, finds that: “Evolution, the expansion of awareness, can…be physically defined by the increase of membrane surface area (and)…that fractal geometry is the best way to get the most surface area (membrane) within a three-dimensional space (cell).  Therefore, evolution becomes a fractal affair.  Repeating patterns in nature are a necessity, not a coincidence, of ‘fractal’ evolution (ibid, p.167).”  The bottom line is that nature is not random; it is an evolutionary system with patterns, and as human beings we can expect to evolve to ever higher levels of consciousness.

G is for Gravity:

Gravity in the quantum world is not as simple nor as well understood as is Newtonian gravity found in the macro world.  Ever since Einstein, there has been a quest for the Unified Field Theory.  The other three forces (Electromagnetic, Weak nuclear, and Strong nuclear) have been joined together.  But Gravity has alluded the team; no Unified Field Theory yet.  It’s been postulated that a virtual particle called a graviton mediates the force of gravity much like bosons do for the other three forces.  No graviton has been discovered to date, but it is assumed that the particle would be massless and act instantaneously over long distances.  Should the graviton be found, it could change our understanding of space and time.  Theoretical physicists also utilize the graviton to help explain String Theory.

H is for Hologram:

Most physicists now characterize the universe as a type of quantum hologram, i.e., as interference patterns in space and time.  When energy carrying waves (EM) intersect with information carrying waves (nonvectorial waves of pure magnitude), they produce a kind of quantum hologram.  Like holograms, any piece of it can recreate the whole.  For example, if you knew about a hologram of a girl with her dog, and you only had access to a part of the hologram, the dog’s tail let’s say, you could reproduce the whole picture/hologram from that one part.  Implication: the quantum hologram might explain a Medium’s ability to “talk to the dead.”  As a hologram, someone who has passed on carries a frequency.  If a Medium can “tune into” that frequency, communication is possible.  This is just one possible explanation for Psi experiences.

I is for Immanent Reality:

A term used by some philosophies to denote our material world of “reality” as opposed to the transcendent world of ideas and archetypes.  Quantum physics is revealing to some that both the material world and the transcendent one exist in consciousness.  The transcendent world exists as possibilities and the material world exists as the result of conscious observation.

J is for Jung:

Psychologist Carl Jung is famous for his theory of Universal Unconsciousness.  Early in the game, he explored on the human scale, the macro scale, what physicists have explored at the quantum level.  It is possible that Jung and physicists alike have unveiled a universal truth: what Jung found to be a Universal Unconsciousness, physics describes as the Zero-Point Field (ZPF).  A deep level of reality that is the birthplace of consciousness.

K is for Ketterle:

Wolfgang Ketterle, along with fellow physicists Eric A. Cornell and Carl E. Wieman won the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics for their experiments which demonstrated that complex cells and living organisms display quantum-type processes on this macroworld level. The macroscopic level can act with nonlocal quantum waves and exhibit entanglement.  Previous theories believed that “quantum magic” was possible only at the most basic level of existence.  These experiments, and others to follow, lend credence to the theory that consciousness occurs in the human brain through quantum processes and that just possibly our consciousness is linked to the Cosmic Consciousness.

L is for the Law of conservation of Energy:

This long held theory has yet to be proved wrong and is here more as a reminder of what we all learned in school.  Namely, that the energy of the material world remains a constant.  It can’t be increased or reduced.

M is for Matter:

Matter, you ask?  No definition necessary, we all know what matter is.  Surprisingly, most people don’t.  The true definition of matter is another trip down the rabbit hole.   The idea that our world is composed of  solid masses, configured in endless ways to create everything we “see;” that our solid earth spins around a big ball of gas, millions of miles away from us and that the whole universe spins and flies through space-time, is basically wrong.  The real picture goes something like this: matter is a wave form energy pattern existing out of a deeper reality, probably a reality of consciousness.  It is not solid, nor is it separate.  You sit on a chair; you think it is holding you up and that if you get out of the chair, the chair will remain in place.  It won’t “get up” with you.  Wrong.  The chair is you and you are the chair; you are interwoven.  There is no end to you and no end to the chair.  “Floating” in/on this deeper reality, this reality beyond matter, space and time, everything is connected instantaneously.  What you think of as real seems real because our consciousness perceives it that way.  Author Ervin Laszlo in his book, Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, expresses it this way: “Although what we perceive with our senses is solid matter moving about in empty space, in reality the material universe, including particles, stars, planets, rocks, and living organisms, is not material: matterlike things are standing, propagating, and interacting waves in a subtending medium.”  And you think telepathy is weird.

N is for Non-locality:

Amit Goswami, PhD, in his book Physics of the Soul, defines non-locality most clearly and succinctly, to wit: “an instantaneous influence or communication without any exchange of signals through space-time; an unbroken wholeness or nonseparability that transcends space-time.”

O is for Observational Theory:

Which basically states that mind takes an active part in the creation of reality.  Proposed in the 1970’s, the theory was the logical outcome of noting the similarities between quantum non-locality, the quantum measurement problem (see “Copenhagen Interpretation” above), and the seeming ability of psi phenomena to take place without regard to time and space.  Despite knee-jerk reaction against this theory, some physicists had to consider it as a viable concept.  As Bernard d’Espagnat was quoted in Scientific American in 1979, “The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.”  An even more bizarre discovery of Observational Theory is that observations can retroactively influence quantum events.

P is for Planck Scale:

The very lowest level of reality, this is where you find the absolute length and the absolute time.  Yes, there are absolutes; relativity does not apply here.  Planck scale defines the meeting point of gravity, quantum mechanics, and time and space.  There’s weird stuff happening on this level which is used in the study of black holes.  The formula for Planck length and time is calculated by using the constant of quantum mechanics, the speed of light, and the constant of gravity.  The Planck length is 1.6 times 10 to the minus 33 meters or .00000000000000000000000000000000016 meters.  As an example, an atom is 100,000 times smaller than anything we can see.  If you were to measure the diameter of an atom in Planck lengths and count one length per second, it would take you 10,000,000 times the age of the universe to complete your feat.  Wow.  Planck time is 5.4 times 10 to the minus 44, you do the math.

Q is for Quantum Consciousness:

An increasingly popular theory among physicists and metaphysicists alike is that the very absolute lowest level of reality is embedded with the basic quantum laws and with an all-pervasive consciousness.  Some believe that our individual consciousness is linked to this Universal Consciousness through quantum processes in the brain.  The Copenhagen Interpretation requires that there be an observation in order for a wave function to collapse into a particle.  Quantum Consciousness says that the Universal Consciousness, or Godhead, is the observer and by collapsing the wave potentiality/possibility into an actuality-a particle- our space-time world is created.

R is for Random Number Generator:

Random Number Generators (RNG) are electronic “coin-flippers” which generate thousands of “flips” per second and are used to test people’s ability to effect matter.  A twelve year study by Robert Jahn of Princeton University found that participants who intentionally tried to influence the flips were able to do so.  The Psychokinetic (PK) effect was small, but over the course of twelve years, the odds against chance were 35 trillion to 1.  Further trials have confirmed these results.  These findings seem to support the quantum contention that mind, or consciousness, does/can effect matter.  RNGs have also been used in the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) which tests for periods of global mental coherence (minds around the world thinking in unison) as the result of a global news worthy event.  There was one particularly dramatic event that produced the largest peak and drop for its year, in terms of minds coming together.  Yes, it was the twin towers attack.  Strangely, the peak occurred two hours before the first jet hit the Trade Center.  The drop happened about eight hours later.  All the RNGs, all around the world, behaved in the same way.  As Einstein said, “Spooky stuff!”

S is for Superposition:

Because of their wave aspect, particles can be in multiple states or locations at the same time.  Another way of expressing this is that, until observed, objects remain in all states simultaneously.  When the quantum wave function collapses into particles, each possibility becomes one definite reality and there is no longer any superposition.

T is for Time:

According to the Theory of Relativity time, as a constant, moving ever forward into the future is not real.  Not true.  Not absolute.  Since Einstein, it is relative, and depends on the perspective of the observer or the frame of reference, to determine when an event occurs.

U is for the Uncertainty Principal:

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal states “The more precisely the position of a particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum is known, and vise versa.”  There is a fundamental limitation on what we can know about quantum systems.  The Principal also finds that no quantum object can ever be totally at rest.  It also states that at every point in the Universe, light energy (quantum light, i.e. the ZPF) must exist.  And as Haisch explains in The God Theory “The world of light that we…see is all the rest of the light that exists over and above the Zero-Point Field.”

V is for Void:

Otherwise known as the “vacuum of space.”  It turns out that there is no void, no vacuum of space; when you remove “everything,” you are left with the quantum void or the Zero-Point Field (see below) filled with Zero-Point Energy.  This, for the most part unobservable, energy is everywhere.  It is inside us, out in the universe, in every atom.  It is ubiquitous.

W is for Wave Function:

Again Amit Goswami in his Physics of the Soul says it most succinctly: “What does it mean to say that matter is wave-like and thereby it can be at more than one place at once?  If this sounds paradoxical, the paradox is resolved by realizing that the waves of matter are waves of possibility (technically represented by mathematical functions called wave functions); they are at two or more places at once only in possibility, only as the superposition of the two (or more) possibilities.”

X is for X-panding Universe:

The Universe expanded from the moment of the Big Bang but until it reached the size of the Planck Scale, there was neither time nor space.  There was no definition for Time, and Space was more than extremely compact.  The still unproved String Theory suggests that during the Planck era there was a quantum foam of ten dimensions with Planck length sized Black Holes coming into and out of existence for no reason (no cause or effect).  At the end of the Planck era, there was a collapse to four dimensions, leaving the other six dimensions very, very tiny.  One reason physicists are not sure of the physics during the Planck era is because they don’t understand the dynamic of the unification of the forces.  They still haven’t worked out the elusive Unified Field Theory.  Unification means that the forces resemble one another and are similar in strength.

Y is for Yale University:

And one of its Associate Professors of Physics, Richard Easther.  Yes, I know that this is a stretch, but you find quantum terms beginning with “Y”!  Dr. Easther is a proponent of String Theory which tries to unify the macro world of Einstein’s gravity and the micro world of quantum physics, a feat which has yet to be achieved.  To date there is no evidence to support the String Theory but Dr. Easther thinks that both gravity and quantum forces were present at the Big Bang and that it is possible to measure the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) left over from that event and give credence to String Theory.

Z is for Zero-point Field:

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in The God Theory offers one of the clearest definitions of the Zero-Point Field, namely, “at every possible frequency, there will always be a tiny bit of electromagnetic jiggling going on.  And if you add up all these ceaseless fluctuations, you get a background sea of light whose total energy is enormous.  This is the electromagnetic zero-point field (ZPF).”  The electromagnetic fields “oscillate” like miniature pendulums and as the pendulum swings out to either side, you get a hesitation just before the pendulum drops down to go the other way.  But it never entirely stops.  This zero-point, the sweet spot, has the least energy possible in the universe, but because there is so much of it, it has a huge importance.  Without going deeper into the physics of it, our world of matter literally “floats” or is sustained by this realm of light that we inhabit more or less unaware.  The ZPF exists out of time and out of space.  It is a world of unlimited potentiality, where anything can be manifested into reality.  It’s been called the Godhead by some, the Akashic Field by mystics, and the place where Heaven resides.

ABC's of Quantum Insight

Linda Storsteen, M.A., M.S.
Edited by Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.
October 5, 2010
Copyright©2010 Linda and Karen Storsteen

A is for Altered States:

This is when you are relaxed, like sleeping (dreaming) or meditating.  You are more likely to experience a Psi event during these states, probably because your subconscious mind is not in sensory overload and thus allows the entangled with the universe aspect of our minds to shine through.

B is for Bohm’s Implicate/Explicate Order:

Physicist David Bohm proposes that there is a deeper reality that transcends space-time and matter, a quantum hologram, he calls the Implicate Order.

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