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This energy is, for the most part, unobservable.  It is everywhere: inside us, outside us and in the Queen’s chamber.  It is in every atom.

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch defines the ZPF this way: “at every possible frequency, there will always be a tiny bit of electromagnetic jiggling going on.  And if you add up all these ceaseless fluctuations, you get a background sea of light whose total energy is enormous.  This is the electromagnetic zero-point field (Haisch, p.70).”  Electric and magnetic fields “oscillate” like minute pendulums.  At either end of the pendulum swing there is an “hesitation,” an almost stop.  But since Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal finds that no quantum object can ever be at rest, these tiny swings never completely stop.  “Zero-point’ refers to the fact that, even though the extent of this energy is huge, it is (at) the lowest possible energy state (Haisch, p.70).”  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal also states that at every point in the universe, light energy (quantum light -- the ZPF) must exist.  So even though the “void” of space may appear dark, it is really full of light, unseen light.  “The world of light that we …see is all the rest of the light that exists over and above the zero-point field (Haisch, p.71).”

Numerous phenomena can be explained by the presence of zero-point energy.  For example, matter resists acceleration, not because of its mass, but because of the ZPF.  The ZPF exerts a force when acceleration happens, resulting in inertia.  It is the inertia in matter that gives matter its substance: “…the solid, stable world of matter is sustained at every instant by this underlying sea of quantum light (Haisch, p.93).”  Our fundamental reality is that we float in a realm of light that is “holding up” our universe.  What does the ZPF look like to itself?  “In the reference frame of a particle traveling at the speed of light, all distances shrink to zero and all time collapses to nothing (Haisch, p.94).”  The irony is that although from its own perspective, the ZPF does not exist in space-time, it’s the measurement of light signals that defines space-time from our perspective.  Physicists view the ZPF as an unlimited potentiality, where anything can be manifested into reality. Nothing is impossible because even at zero baseline values (ZPF), there still is something.  Some fluctuations. There is never nothing.

So as we’ve seen, while it may appear that matter is defined by mass, mass is really an illusion, the result of inertia caused by the ZPF.  What does this mean in terms of the connection between the world of matter and the immaterial world that we ascribe to “God?”  As discussed, from its own perspective, a photon is out of space-time.  “Herein lies what I suspect is a profound connection between the basis of space and time, and light in the form of the zero-point radiation of the quantum vacuum.  I propose that the light may be the progenitor of an apparent universe of matter.  In some sense, “slowing down” ever so minutely from that privileged, timeless, spaceless, reference frame of light manifests a realm of space and time.  In other words, space and time are created when you leave the reference frame of light (Haisch, p. 119).”  We too are made of light; just light that exists in space-time.  We are created in God’s image.  Could the ZPF also be the “physical” realm of Heaven? A realm of light, unseen by the physical world.  A realm separate from space-time.  A realm of unlimited potential.  A realm in union with the Source.

Something to think about.

*Haisch, Bernard, THE GOD THEORY.  Red Wheel/Weiser, 2006.

Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

Reality and the Body of God

Linda Storsteen, M.A., M.S.

Edited by Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

January 17, 2010

Copyright©2010 Linda and Karen Storsteen

Esoteric tradition talks of an unseen spiritual or metaphysical realm where God can be found. “This is a higher realm by virtue of being closer to the pure state of the creator (Haisch, p. 113).”  Can this “Higher Place” be discovered by modern science?  Perhaps these answers are found in what physicists call the Zero-point Field.

One of the great realizations of the 20th century was that “the Void” or “the Vacuum of Space” was neither a void nor a vacuum.  When you remove everything from space (resulting in the quantum vacuum) you are left with something called the Zero-Point Field (ZPF) full of Zero-Point Energy (ZPE).