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Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.
“Karen Storsteen embodies what she teaches -- she is truly an intuitive leader. She is grounded in a strong foundation of science, leadership and psychology, while almost being magical in her ability to empower people with their own intuition.”​

Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Clinical Psychologist and Author of “Healing the Addictive Personality,” and “Smile for No Good Reason”

​"Karen is interesting, educational, entertaining and funny!  What a great course!"​

Elaine - participant at Colorado Free University

"No one I know is better adept than Karen Storsteen at teaching us how to switch on the neural circuits for foresight, insight and intuition to magnify intellectual power.  That's intelligence raised to the level of the mystical, which as Einstein stated, is 'the sower of all true art and science.' Karen makes it easy to attain."​

Don Joseph Goewey, President of ProAttitude, Author of Mystic Cool

Intuitive Leadership - For Faculty Only - The University of Denver

A groundbreaking neurological, psychological and quantum workshop to listen to your intuition and higher intelligence.  

Time: Begins at 8:00 A.M.  

Karen Storsteen Education And Events

The Intuitive Gateway - 2 Day Workshop

In this highly experiential program, you will:

  • Know when your intuition is talking versus the egoic mind
  • Learn the four step process to get the right answer to any question right now
  • Experience consciousness outside of space time
  • Expand perception capabilities far beyond physical limits
  • Understand the science behind intuition, psychic ability, manifesting, and supernatural experiences
  • Shift from belief to “knowing” based on direct and personal spiritual experiences
  • Discover the mysteries of your soul’s existence and what you are here to learn and become
  • Gain insights to solve difficult problems and make decisions in support of your higher self
  • Experience exercises to rewire your brain  from stress to peace, intuition, and neurological power​

You will also:

  • Take several self-assessments to gain greater self-awareness 
  • Wake-up to what your body is telling you
  • Identify patterns and unconscious blocks that are keeping you from listening to your soul and  reaching your potential
  • Let go of that which is no longer serving you, such as anger, shame and grief
  • Raise your energy and vibration to unleash latent powers
  • Receive loving and helpful messages from  beings of light, angels, and/or nonphysical beings 
  • Heighten psychic skills such as energy healing, precognition, remote viewing and telepathy

You will also develop a deeper connection with yourself, others, and all that is…

Who should attend this workshop?

Any adult who wants to optimize their intuition and psychic ability, gain clarity, and unleash their Spirit. There are no prerequisites for this course, however, a short interview is required to ensure this workshop is the right fit for you.

Call us at 303-506-6745 to learn more

Over the last twenty-five years, I have taught hundreds of thousands of individuals in the areas of human, spiritual, leadership and intuitive development.

I have created several universities for world-wide corporations and my work has been recognized as a best practice approach to human performance improvement by higher education, Fortune 50 companies, and psychologists.

I am also a keynote and featured speaker and have spoken to a wide array of industries, associations, educational and spiritual groups to include: Mensa, The High IQ Society, National and Colorado Society of Association Executives, the University of Denver, Regis University, Mile Hi Church, The Financial Planning Association, The Project Management Institute. the DaVinci Institute, the Association of General Contractors, and several mind, body and spirit expos, etc.

"Karen is a compassionate, thoughtful woman who uses her talents to enrich the personal and professional lives of others. Her ability to connect with those who have passed and with spirit in general brings comfort, insight and hope to those who work with her. Articulate, warm and generous, Karen is a fabulous teacher, counselor, and consultant."

Helen Hand, Ph.D. Psychologist and President of Colorado Free University

Need a public speaker for your next event? 

​In this fascinating and empowering session you will:

  • ​​Assess the degree to which you are listening to your intuition and are on path
  • Learn how to extinguish stress, which diminishes intuition, and shift to neurological power and clarity
  • Practice the four step process to get the right answer right now to ANY question
  • Learn proven methods to heighten your intuition
  • Experience your own intuition at work to solve a problem(s) and make a decision(s)
  • Learn the sciences that explain psychic ability and mediumship

BONUS!  Karen will provide mini intuitive readings and connect to loved ones on the other side for participants.

Fee: To be discussed

Coming Up!  Develop Intuitive Intelligence - Professional Women In Building

A groundbreaking neurological, psychological and quantum workshop to listen to your intuition and higher intelligence.  

June 6, 2018 

Attendees:This event is for Women In Building Members Only


Evolve Expo

​​The video below includes clips from a speaking engagement at The Evolve Expo, as well as what people say after their reading with me!

The University of Denver interviews me about how psychic ability and mediumship work. Interviewer, Greg Giesen, also recalls times on his radio show when I have found missing people psychically and connected to the other side.