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About Karen

My life is miraculous and daily experiences extraordinary.  By the age of fourteen, I was clear that if I could help others uncover and express their Divine Spirit, that I too would be fulfilling my purpose.  I am so blessed that my life's work continues to be an expression of my passion and that I can contribute in a meaningful way."


Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A., is considered a leading pioneer in applying intuitive intelligence in counseling and business, and her gifts are described as “remarkable”, “pragmatic”, and “otherworldly” by the media, executives, mental health professionals, higher education, and general public.


She is known for her rare combination of talents as an intuitive counselor, psychic-medium, human development expert, executive coach, management consultant, educator, and radio entertainer.

Storsteen has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS and has been a contributing writer to Inc., TED and Discover Magazines. 

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At the request of the Distinguished Chair of Harrisburg University and NASA’s first Chief Knowledge Officer, Karen authored the leading chapter of the book, "Developing Informed Intuition for Decision Making", Taylor and Francis, CRC Press, August 2019”.

Having educated and entertained hundreds of thousands of individuals, Karen is often rated #1 as a keynote speaker. She is known for being “quick”, “funny” and “wise” with “an ability to read minds”, as a regular on several FM/AM and talk radio stations.


Ms. Storsteen has worked in the fields of human and organizational development for over twenty-five years.  Her work is well-recognized by Fortune 500 leaders, professional organizations (such as Mensa, the High IQ Society and the Project Management Institute), higher education (such as Regis University and The University of Denver), mental health professionals, the Crime Wire Bureau of Investigations and Citizens Against Homicide (for assistance solving homicides intuitively), media and the general public.


She has developed several universities for Fortune 500 companies, improved human performance in most every major industry, and increased productivity by 200 percent.


Having a father who was a highly intuitive M.D. and surgeon, and mother who studied metaphysics, Karen grew up with a strong foundation in science and spirituality. She faced her greatest fears and came out of the closet with her psychic gifts in 2002 to teach people how to access their inner wisdom and highest level of intelligence – their intuitive intelligence.


In her private counseling practice, people from all walks of life seek Karen's counsel and consult to find clarity in love, work and life.  She helps those who are experiencing grief, anxiety and/or depression and who are ready to let go of the past to experience the miraculous. One of her greatest talents is connecting the living to loved ones on the other side.


Storsteen holds a Master of Arts in Psychology with Honors from Regis University, Master of Science in Business Management and Organization from the University of Colorado, Master of Science Minor in Finance from the University of Colorado, and Bachelor of Science in Management from San Diego State University. She also has many certifications in psychological, behavioral and organizational assessments, training, and human performance improvement technologies.


What once was considered science fiction is now proven as scientific fact. A new paradigm for human potential has emerged! Will you join her?

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