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Counseling Psychology AND INTUITIVE

Hello new friend,

I am here to assist you whether you need clarity and peace of mind, assistance through a difficult life transition, healing, relationship or career counseling, or are on a life long journey to uncover and express your Spirit.

It is a profound and joyful experience to share with you some of the deepest moments of your life, whether that be through counseling, providing an intuitive read, connecting you to loved ones on the other side, or having you participate in one of my training and development programs.

I have worked in the field of human development for twenty-seven years with individuals, executives and organizations.  In working with individuals, I take a transpersonal approach that integrates spiritual practices with psychological methods.

Sending joy to you now,

Karen Storsteen

Intuitive therapist, Human Development Expert, and Educator
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Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

"Karen will enable you to self-actualize to reach your greatest potential.  If every human could meet her, the world would be an immeasurably better place."

Marcus Chamberland, former City Editor of the Denver Post,

President, Fat Toad Communications

Note: If you are interested in business consulting, organizational development services, or corporate seminars, please go to www.karenstorsteen.com.