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Intuitive Sessions

You may be in a place where you are searching for clarity, having difficulty trusting your own intuition, or needing validation that you are going in the right direction. Perhaps you want to connect with a loved one on the other side and are having difficulty sensing them (see below). ​Divine guidance is always available to you as it is within and outside of you, but when it is difficult for you to access or trust this information (which sometimes is the case under stress), a professional intuitive can be extremely valuable.  Divine guidance is always clear. uplifting, to the point, supportive and loving.  You know when it is Divine guidance when it resonates with you, as your soul knows what your mind blocks out.

People seek my intuitive counsel to gain clarity about most anything, whether that be about:

  • Relationships

  • Work

  • Running their business

  • Health

  • Finances

  • The outcome of a legal battle

  • Crime/Homicide

  • Pets

  • Gaining an understanding of what may be blocking them from their unlimited potential.


Some people ask specific questions regarding various areas of their life, while others open themselves up to hear whatever it is that would be helpful to them.

Karen Storsteen, M.A., M.S. | Intuitive sessions for Relationships,  Work,  Running their business,  Health,  Finances,  The outcome of a legal battle,  Crime/Homicide,  Pets,  Gaining an understanding of what may be blocking them from their unlimited potential.

...And in the end, we will be remembered for the

love we gave

and that's about it.

Connecting To Those Who Have Passed

You may have found me if you wish to connect with loved ones on the other side.  These readings can be very healing as you will receive very specific information from your loved one(s).  I have never had difficulty being able to connect with any loved one that my clients' want to hear from.  I am clairaudient, which means I can hear their messages, just as I hear you. I am clairvoyant, which means I can see images they are trying to convey, and I can feel and smell them. You will feel like we are having a "normal" dialogue as if we are all in the same room. Please see my testimonial page for endorsements from clients.


My experience has been that loved ones on the other side operate from a higher state of consciousness and therefore if there is unfinished business or anything you need to heal. this can be an excellent way to better understand them and let go of the past.  The healing that occurs within you also heals those on the other side.


Our loved ones on the other side want us to experience love, joy, freedom, power, safety, and peace.  They are typically light-hearted and can often be funny.  You will know it is them because they will show up with the same personality traits they had on the earth plane, but tend to be far wiser and are always loving.  Clients typically experience relief, peace, and often times joy and laughter.

Intuitive Therapist | Psychic-Medium | Karen Storsteen, M.A., M.S.,

How It Works

I do not use cards or other psychic devices, but simply close my eyes and relax into a theta brain wave state and raise my vibration.  I am clairvoyant, clairaudient. clairsentient. and claircognizant and see, hear, and feel Divine guidance and those who have passed.


The key to this work is empathy and love, as love is of the highest vibration.  The higher our vibration, the greater ability we have to access higher states of consciousness, connect with others, and with the Divine.


From a scientific view, neuroscience and quantum physics, such as quantum entanglement and the zero-point field, help to explain how it is that we can access universal intelligence, as everything that exists is interpenetrated with everything else.  I have several learning materials on this site such as my blog, articles, a book and radio interviews to understand the science behind intuitive intelligence.


Non-local communication also explains why we can do our sessions over the telephone!


People often ask when I knew I was psychic and how it developed.  I have always been an empath, and as a child could relate to the inner world and the soul of another.   Apparently, I was connecting to loved ones on the other side in my toddler years.  I was the friend in school who saw your amazing potential and provided support, insight, counsel, and cheerleading.


I began studying metaphysics before the age of ten, as my mother studied at UCLA and both parents taught me how to have an expansive mind.  I followed in my father's footsteps as a healer, as he was an M.D. and general surgeon and unknowingly used his intuitive abilities to save many lives.


At the age of fourteen, I had a discussion with my father about the purpose of life and documented my life's mission, which is to help people uncover and express their Divine Spirit.  At that time, my father said the purpose of life was to have fun, which I thought at this young age was somewhat superficial, only to later realize the brilliance in his words!

Intuitive Therapist | Psychic-Medium | Karen Storsteen, M.A., M.S.,

Session Duration & Logistics


Sessions can occur in person or over the telephone.


There is nothing you need to do to prepare unless you want to document your questions in advance.  We can record your session or you can take notes.  I encourage you to keep this information, as it is often healing later and events that occur in the future are often predicted in the reading.


If your session is in person, please arrive on time.  I will not be able to accommodate early arrivals as there will be a client just before you.


Intuitive sessions can be paid by cash, check or charge.  Cancellations require 24 hours advance notice.


I also provide free readings on the air (please see media and events).

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