When did you first know you had incredible intuition?

As early as I can remember, I could feel into the world of another.  I always felt that I could see the beauty of peoples' souls and it was natural for me to invite them to open up  and disclose.  In childhood, I had several precognitive and clairvoyant occurrences.  At the age of 18, I had a profound experience when I was hiking and out of the blue I heard the words of the Divine say, "You have every answer to every question inside you.  You and everything else that exists  are made of the same things, you just express yourselves differently."  I was at complete peace as I realized we are all knowing and therefore, we need not be afraid.  Today, I can see, hear, feel, and even smell telepathically and as a medium.

What's an example of how you have used your intuition to help business?

I have taught thousands in business how to develop their intuitive intelligence to increase sales, design new products, improve leadership capability, to reduce stress, etc..  As a specific example, I worked with a President (who was the owner of the company) and combined traditional management consulting methods with my intuitive abilities.  In the process of reorganizing the company, I psychically determined that the investors on the board were in cahoots with the Chief Operating Officer and trying to take over the President's company.  After some investigation, the President confirmed my information.  I also psychically helped the President determine which company to acquire, who to hire, and how to improve his relationship with his Chief Operating Officer.  The result was that we saved the President's company by getting new investors, increased productivity by 197%, and doubled the value of his multimillion dollar company in seven months.

You teach a workshop on how to develop intuition.  Can we all become as intuitive as you or do you have a special gift above and beyond most?

We are all born intuitive and psychic.  However, just like some people are born with a beautiful singing voice, some people are born with a greater disposition to be intuitive  Our intuitive abilities are also affected by the way we are brought-up.  Fortunately, I had both nature and nurture working for me! We all have the ability to greatly enhance our intuition and my students typically surprise themselves by how intuitive and psychic they become.  I also teach how neuroscience, quantum physics, and psychology explain psychic ability and how we can develop our gifts further.

The single show that had the highest ratings ever on Castle Rock Radio was the one where you communicated with the late Michael Jackson.  How exactly does the whole medium thing work?  Can you communicate with anyone who has passed and at any time?

Scientifically, mediumship can be explained by quantum entanglement (otherwise called nonlocal communication).  At its lowest common denominator, everything in the Universe is vibrating energy and the Spirit world lowers their vibration and I heighten mine to meet at a common frequency.  It's like tuning into a radio station.  I am connecting to consciousness.  And yes, I can communicate with anyone who has passed at any time.  The answer to this question is more complex than can be properly explained with the time we have today, but my website has several articles on the subject.

Do most of your individual clients come to you for a psychic reading or for psychotherapy or a combination of the two?

Many of my clients see me for both counseling and psychic work.  Clients who are just interested in a psychic or medium reading may call to get to the root of a relationship, health or work issue, find missing people, gain clarity about a court or criminal case (the police department just reopened a case due to my findings and later investigation), or connect to a loved one who has passed. I even had a space physicist ask me questions about Einstein and science in a five hour reading.  Interestingly, much of the information I provided psychically came to him two days later in the mail in an  article about Albert Einstein.  Clients seek readings or counseling when they need clarity and peace of mind.  I have a file for everyone I see and have long-term relationships with my clients. I do a lot of my work on the phone as about half of my clients are not local.  I am so blessed as I love what I do and so much appreciate people sharing their most intimate moments with me; it is an honor.

Excerpt Radio Interview

With Greg Giesen, "Monday's at 3:00"

The following questions and answers are excerpts from one of Karen's interviews on Monday's at 3:00 with Greg Giesen.

Karen, your intuitive abilities range from being a master psychic to a medium to a psychotherapist to an organizational development consultant and executive coach. Is this normal or are you an overachiever?

Rather than being motivated by a need to achieve, I would say my career is the by-product of raw inspiration.  At the age of 14 I was clear that if I could help others uncover and express their Divine Spirit, that I too would be fulfilling my purpose. My life's work is an expression of my passion and dedication to facilitate individual and organizational brilliance.​

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